The Big Bang Theory : the date of the final reveal and the other for seasons on CBS

We knew the end is near. The date is now known. It is the 16 of may the geeks of The Big Bang Theory will definitely reverence on CBS, putting an end to 12 seasons of loyal service. Sonja Flemming/CBS All (good) things come to an end and for The Big Bang Theory, it is the 16 may. In fact, the geeks favorite american tv will pull the curtain at the end of the 24th episode of season 12. A beautiful existence, for this sitcom to the former, created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady and showrunné by Steven Molaro.

The court hearings are always sunny (season 11 was 18.9 million viewers on average), the series would have lasted longer but Jim Parson (Sheldon) has decided otherwise. The actor announced his desire to leave the series at the end of this season, leading the production to stop the adventure. Hard to imagine Big Bang Theory without the eccentric scientist, whose adventures will continue in another form, as Young Sheldon (the sitcom prequel) has been renewed for two more seasons.

What can we expect in this final ? Chuck Lorre has obviously not poured out on the issue : “we have a general vision of what we are going,” but he does not hide his emotion at the idea of leaving the universe of The Big Bang Theory : “there is a lot of melancholy in this moment. It is an adventure of 12-year-old was really a pure joy. It will be really sad to leave “.

On the occasion, CBS, its broadcaster has also release the other season finals series :

April 1st : Magnum PI (season 1)

11 April : FAM (season 1)

14 April : God friended them to Me (season 1)

April 21 : Madam Secretary (season 5)

April 22 : The Neighborhood (season 1)

May 6 : Man With a Plan ” (season 3)

May 9 : Mom (season 6) 10th may : MacGyver (season 2)
Blue Bloods (season 9)

May 13 : the Bull (season 3)

14 may : F. B. I. (season 1)

16 may : The Big Bang Theory (season 12)
Young Sheldon (season 2)
S. W. A. T. (season 2)

May 17 : Hawaii Five-O (season 9)

19 may : NCIS Los Angeles (season 10)

21 may : NCIS (season 16)
NCIS : New Orleans (season 5)

May 22 : SEAL Team (season 2)

June 1st : Ransom (season 3)